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Paddling. Canoes. Kayaks. Fishing. SUP. Escape is a word many people use to describe the act of getting outdoors with a boat and a paddle. It is indeed one of the great unexpected pleasures in life.

But we like the word "enjoy" a bit better. Life is good, it should be enjoyed, not something that is escaped. We think paddling a boat fits in daily life just fine as something to be enjoyed. Alot. Quiet often even. Whether an epic trip in the Boundary Waters or a pond next to your house. It is still the exquisite act of floating and moving through water. Just you and your boat. Maybe a partner. Water helps too. Doesn't matter what shape that boat takes. They're all good!

Like everything else in life worth doing though, paddling has a learning curve and some perspective to be gained in listening to and watching other people. Paddling a boat takes a bit of skill, some skills huge and obvious, other skills more subtle and full of finesse. And that's where we think our instructional DVDs for paddling canoes and kayaks come into the picture.